12 Mighty Orphans - The Movie

On February 11, 2009, 12 Productions, LLC acquired the movie option rights to the book Twelve Mighty Orphans: The Inspiring True Story of the Mighty Mites Who Ruled Texas Football, written by New York Times best selling Author Jim Dent. For the past year members of 12 Productions have been working tirelessly researching this story, interviewing characters, visiting locations and putting together the best development package possible.

12 Productions goals are to produce a full length feature film with national distribution. Our team includes the following principals:

Matt Barr
Matt Barr is an accomplished film and television actor appearing in over fifteen major television series on six major networks. His experiences also includes roles in eight motion pictures. Matt was recently seen in the Sony’s 2008 release, The House Bunny and had a re-occurring role on the hit show One Tree Hill. Matt just returned from seven months in Canada where he’s been filming a lead role in the much anticipated CBS series, “Harper’s Island,” which premiers this April. His experience and relationships within the industry, as well as his personal passion and understanding for this project add energy and true expertise to the group. Matt has brought his talents to this project in the further development of the characters of the 12 Mighty Orphans beyond the original story. His relationships and knowledge of the film business have also been instrumental in introducing our project to important industry executives.

Ryan Ross
Ryan is a graduate of the prestigious University of Texas film school. He also studied cinema at Universidad de Sevilla in Spain and worked for the award winning independent production company Thousand Words in Los Angeles gaining valuable knowledge and experience. Before graduating, Ryan worked on two films in Austin directed by Richard Linklater. Within a month of moving to California, he joined Ron Howard and Brian Grazer at "Imagine Entertainment", working in Special Projects under Grazer for a year. Ryan rose through the ranks at "Imagine" and was working with the President of Production when he joined the 12 Productions team. Ryan worked in various stages of production on numerous films while at Imagine, including Clint Eastwood's "Changeling" and Ridley Scott's "American Gangster". He brings the knowledge of production and project development to the team.

Russell Morton
Russ is the most recent member of 12 Productions and we've already felt his positive impact. Russ comes to us from New York City and the corporate business world. Two years ago Russ retired after 30 years in the business finance sector, the last 25 years at Smith Barney, Inc., where he held the senior executive position of Global Director. His experience managing a multi-billion dollar global business and his knowledge of operations, sales, marketing and product development will be a valued resource as we begin negotiations with major production companies and studios. Russ also brings to the group a unique aspect, as he is the grandson of Rusty Russell, the main character in the story.

Mike Barr
Mike is the owner of a highly successful real estate business in the Dallas, Texas area, and brings his twenty five years of business experience to the group. In addition, Mike's added value to the project is that he spent 10 years as a Division 1 NCAA college football coach; seven of those years were in Texas. Mike's insight and expertise in running a successful business along with his experience as a college level athlete and coach put him in a unique position to add real insight into the thought processes of the coach and player. Mike's background led him to realize that the true inspirational story of the Twelve Mighty Orphans had strong characters and a unique story line that could translate to the Big Screen. Mike's passion for the story led him to initiate the formation of 12 Productions and to build the team to bring the story to the screen.

Specific work that 12 Productions had added on the creative side to compliment and expand the story, beyond the book include:

12 Productions, LLC is in the development stage of this project and has received very favorable feedback from initial meetings with some of Hollywood’s top producers and writers. 12 Productions is currently taking follow-up meetings and showing the project to interested parties. If all goes as planned, 12 Productions hopes to enter into a co-production agreement with a major production company by the end of April 2009 and have the film made by one of the major studios.

Thank you for your interest in this remarkable project and we will keep you updated on our progress.